V&E Studios

V&E Studio is an artistic collective, home to a variety of salon services. The space is full of specialists to address all of your personal pampering needs. V&E includes hair stylists, massage therapy, esthetician services, nail services, and more.

At V&E Studio, all specialists work independently, running their own individual businesses. However, all of the specialists at V&E work together as a team, referring customers to each other to meet each and every salon need. At V&E Studio, customers get the best of the business, all under one roof!

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, there’s a salon specialist waiting to take care of you at V&E Studio.

V&E Specialists

Victoria S. C. LaHood – 309-682-7765
Valerie L. Greene – 309-696-5643
Amanda Arnold – 309-202-8044 or 309-682-7765
Amy Quisenberry – 309-682-7765
Payton Scroggins – 309-242-7298 or 309-682-7765
Lisa Davini – 309-682-7765
Scott Cornwell – 309-251-1950 or 309-682-7765
Souzan El Chami – 309-682-7765
Lorena Flores – 309-682-7765 or 309-678-1081
Errin Evans – 309-682-7765 or 309-363-5777
Tommie Chadwick - 309-620-4112